-- it's not a blog about food-for-thought, it's a blog for thoughts about food --
  1. incredibly awkward (awkwardly incredible?) eating experience -- we've all had at least one... you know, like the time when your best friend cooked for you, but there was something up with the macaroni... or when your parents took you out to a fancy-schmancy restaurant to celebrate your high school graduation and the kitchen completely bungled your order. It happens.
  2. cravings -- those moments where you suddenly want to eat something; now affectionately referred to as "fat-pandas"
  3. blond moment - when you have a really great idea about something and it sounds really smart in your head, but sounds not-so-smart not-in-your-head
  4. Ivana -- food buddy
If any (or all) of these definitions fit the story of your life, you're definitely on the right webpage...

Hello World and welcome to my corner of our dessert blog!!!
I'm Joanne and I like to eat! Ivana is convinced that my super-power in the world is spontaneously making people really, really hungry, so if you've read this far down the page, hopefully your stomach has started to growl (just a little??! humor me)

I might not have the kitchen prowess that Ivana has, but I'm always curiously eager to explore new foods, and of course, eager to learn! While Ivana will be covering the dessert world, my blog entries will be more general (but still food-related!)... and by general, I mean about everything from apples to onions and even the things in between. I'll write about world hunger, food facts that I find shockingly interesting, and anything else that would only be useful in a game of trivia.

If you're wondering why "fourthoughtsforfood," everything that I write will be in a list of 4 things. (Did you catch that from my list of definitions?? clever much? I know... I tried.)

So I hope you find my corner funny, fresh, exciting, and enlightening!

Until my next post, here's a more "comprehensive" list of 4 things about me:

1.  My favorite color is glitter.
2.  I can draw on an Etch-a-Sketch really well... and by really well, I mean that if Etch-a-Sketch were an Olympic sport, London 2012 --> here I come!
2.5  I can play the ukulele.
2.51 Yes, I just used 2.5 because I realized that there are more than 4 things that are interesting about me...
e.  I tie my shoes using loop, swoop, and pull.
2.75  I think we should use more words with x's and z's.
3.  Google is my friend.
π.  I use Purell... A LOT.
10/3  My favorite Jolly Rancher flavor is the green one. (The pink one just tastes like I have yarn in my mouth).
4.  My favorite quote is, "Faith means being sure of the things you hope for and knowing that something is real even if we do not see it."