Thursday, March 25, 2010

Baking at home with my mommy

I love to bake, but when I go home to the Czech Republic, my grandmother usually already has stuff that has already been baked and therefore does not need me to make any more because then there is too much. This time was a little different and so my mom and I offered to make something called buchty.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Airplane food sucks.... thats what you think. Part 2.

In the last post I wrote about the airplane food on my travels to Europe. But I eventually had to return and therefore would be eating food on my way back as well. So, here is my experience coming back. And my final rating of British Airways' food.

Airplane food sucks.... or so you think. Part 1.

People complain about lots of things, especially when it comes to food. They complain about dorm food, which I can understand since it isn't all that good to begin with and when you pretty much have the same offers everyday it gets boring and gross. They also complain about airplane food. Partially I think it is because it is prepackaged and then just heated right before being served, and people just have a problem with it not being freshly made. Well, if you are going to complain about having it prepackaged like that, then just go for the one of the specialized meals such as the vegan choice, since those are freshly made specially for the customers who reserve it ahead of time. (Of course this is why you have to reserve it with your seat reservation on the plane.)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

On Driving, Diastereomers, and Delectables of Dubious Deliciousness…

How about that alienation (alliteration?!) ?! 

Greetings, Earthlings!

Ivana is currently being held hostage aboard our glorious vesicle of movement. (Yes, we really do mean vesicle). In order to ensure her safe return to your oxygen-laden atmospheres, kindly tell all of your friends to read this blog and leave tons of comments. We do not deem these demands to be unreasonable. If you fail to comply, we will be forced to terminate. What we will be terminating is still to be determined, but rest assured that it will be of tremendous consequence. That is all.