Monday, March 22, 2010

Airplane food sucks.... thats what you think. Part 2.

In the last post I wrote about the airplane food on my travels to Europe. But I eventually had to return and therefore would be eating food on my way back as well. So, here is my experience coming back. And my final rating of British Airways' food.


On my lovely return flight home we were served a lunch. Instead of having a choice of pasta this time we had a choice of chicken or beef. I went with the chicken masala with a "British twist" (as our pilot put it). It was very good and I enjoyed it. Afterward, I ate my salad that was given to me, and then I finally went on to eat the dessert.

The dessert on the menu was a white chocolate mousse with raspberry sauce and biscuits. Now, I was feeling a little uneasy, because there were raspberries on top, and I was afraid that they were dried and not fresh, and then the biscuit threw me off because I was questioning why not having something sweet in a sweet dessert, and it was just all very unsure, until I tried it. The mousse had an interestingly light taste and was lightly sweet. The raspberry sauce was sweet and complemented the mousse in the perfect way. The biscuits were basically crushed Oreo cookies, and how can you go wrong with that. And the almost fresh raspberries on top were slightly tart therefore easing off of the sweetness of the mousse, being a nice complement.

In all honesty, I really like British Airways. Seldom have I had bad food on any of their flights. Actually, I can't even remember if I ever had bad food on any of their flights. They are also quite courteous and the flights are very comfortable, even in economy class. My rating 9/10 (a point was lost due to the fact that when on a plane, you lose some of your ability to taste properly, and therefore i was not able to enjoy fully the mousse.

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