Monday, March 22, 2010

Airplane food sucks.... or so you think. Part 1.

People complain about lots of things, especially when it comes to food. They complain about dorm food, which I can understand since it isn't all that good to begin with and when you pretty much have the same offers everyday it gets boring and gross. They also complain about airplane food. Partially I think it is because it is prepackaged and then just heated right before being served, and people just have a problem with it not being freshly made. Well, if you are going to complain about having it prepackaged like that, then just go for the one of the specialized meals such as the vegan choice, since those are freshly made specially for the customers who reserve it ahead of time. (Of course this is why you have to reserve it with your seat reservation on the plane.)


So As I promised, I would try to write a few posts while I was away. This is the first. I am currently sitting in the plane going towards London, England. I have about 3 hours of flight left (I also have 3 hours of battery life left which surprises me since I have used my computer several times since this morning, its just amazing). I just finished watching my movie and don’t feel like starting a new one at the moment even though I know that I will definitely finish it before we land but still not the point. The point is I’m on a plane. And we all know what that means: yucky plane food.

I have pretty much been flying since I was 1, which is when I first moved to America. I have been flying back and forth with my family and by myself many times. And I have eaten many, many, many meals while in the air. I am going to be honest. Airplane food is actually kind of good. I generally go for the pasta when I get the choice and, well, you can never go wrong with pasta. Airline companies try to make their customers happy with a “full” meal, therefore they include a piece of bread and butter, your main meal (the pasta, or chicken, or beef stew, whatever), some kind of salad, water, and of course dessert. From my many flights and experiences with airplane food, I have come across desserts that I didn’t like and just couldn’t eat. But there have been exceptions where the dessert was really good and well made in its mass production line.

Well, anyway, since I am on the flight today and usually when I get off a plane I basically have no recollection of ever being at the airport from which I flew, then I decided I should talk about today’s dessert immediately (since I would forget about the taste and my likes and dislikes, normally some desserts stick in my mind and I am capable of recalling very specific details about them but not when I fly).

SO. As I was saying, airplane dessert. I want everyone to know that I am flying British Airways and so since I will be praising them, you may want to try flying with them next time. The dessert in tonight’s meal consisted of a simple cake with a very buttery tasting frosting. But the frosting wasn’t a typical buttercream-type frosting, it was more like a buttery base with vanilla and other ingredients to make it into a frosting consistency. I don’t really know what to describe about the cake, I just know that I liked it. Since I’ve only had this one dessert, this post will be reasonably short. Well I may continue it later on with what kind of food I had during breakfast, if it could maybe be considered a dessert food. Oh well.

Also, I really like the dishes in which the food was served in, even though they are plastic, they are cute and fun. 

Keep eating sweetly. :)

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