Monday, May 31, 2010

Starting All Over Again

What do I mean starting all over again? Quoi!?!?!


So anyway. I have been a poor blogger. It's been over a month since my last post. I need to bring about a few changes around here. Included with these are a few changes of my own personal life.
So no need to worry. I'm not dead. I've been super busy. I don't know how all other bloggers do, really get into the blogging spirit and post so often and the posts actually have good content, etc. I guess it is because they had set themselves a goal with their blog. I guess i set a goal as well, but kind of a poor one. And it wasn't really a goal to tell you the truth. Anyway. I also did expect to blog about something everyday, therefore I didn't do it everyday, therefore I never developed the habit, therefore I never really forced myself to write, therefore here I am now writing this sentence with an excessive use of the word therefore.
Now let's get a big picture here:
I could blog at night before I go to bed, since I am up until the wee hours of the morning anyway, but being the procrastinator that I am, I do homework instead. Of course now that I am in the middle of switching majors I could do it, but now I keep telling myself that I HAVE to read because I HAVE to do well in my classes, because I HAVE to bring up my GPA and I know that I can do well in these classes, if I just sat down and read, but I'm lazy, and once again have been leaving things to the last minute. Well, I will fix it all, and all will be well. I have common sense, I take good notes, and I pay attention in class and remember practically every detail of his lecture, even though I have the lecture recorded, and so midterms and finals: HERE I COME! I will pass them all. Anyway, now you might be asking how can I have have midterms and finals while in the middle of summer. Good question. I have an answer. Let's jump down to the next paragraph to learn this answer.
So as I have decided that switching majors will be best for me (which I fully believe it is and so far has been) it has been determined that in order to do the majors that I have chosen to switch to, I have to take summer classes. I was going to take summer classes either way but I just had to switch them to the ones I was going to need for these new, future majors. As you all may recall, I was studying Computer Engineering. It interested me initially and I thought I could graduate a year early and be set with what I want to do with my life. Unfortunately, about a year and a half later, I learn that I am no good at this whole computer engineering thing and that I am doing poorly in classes because I don't have the motivation to push myself to do well and actually work towards doing well. I think no motivation is a pretty good reason to switch majors. Also, I realized that computer engineering is not what I want to do with my life. You may have read in my About Me page that I would rather be a baker/open my own bakery/cafe but for that I really need to get into the business worl more so than into the baking world so I can understand what I have to do in my business, etc. That's why I switched to economics. Why I changed to IR as well, sort of beats me, but it will give me something to do for one more semester of my life considering that if I only did econ, I would have a whole semester free. After that I'm thinking of getting an MBA from some business school, don't ask me which school because if I knew that, I would have started out in business to begin with.
Anyway, I also should talk about that whole goal thingy. Anyway, my goal that I set for myself was whenever I went out to eat, I would enjoy some sort of dessert and I would write about it, or I would bake something myself and record it/ take pictures and then write about it and give you all recipes and such. Now that is a pretty good goal. Considering that i really did want to learn more about baking and baked goods and I wanted to improve my baking. Unfortunately it wasn't enough of a push to get me really rolling in the posts. And the fact that I never got any comments and I had no clue how many hits the blog was getting, then I felt slightly discouraged. But I kept telling myself I just need to build up an extensive library of posts and then whenever I make enough money I could get my own domain name which would be better searched on google, etc. But I didn't build up that extensive library of posts. I honestly didn't know what to write for most posts. And as I did have several posts ready to be written up and done, I just wasn't abe to find the time, like I said, because of my procrastinatory self. I need to set myself new goals. Also, I had chosen to write about desserts in restaurants, that itself is a difficult task because I have no income other than that what my parents give me. I am pretty much a student 24/7. And that is 100% true. I hardly have time to work because I take classes and my day is so hectic it's just not funny. Also, it's difficult to have a job when you are hardly in one place for a prolonged period of time. I go home quite often, and as much as I would like a job there, I like to go home to relax and just being at home is enough work as it is considering my parents make me do a lot of chores/housework. And having a job here in Boston is kind of tough as well because I go home so often and then there is the problem of being a student. Oh, part time job, you say? No, see, like I said I'm a student. I take classes. I do extra curricular activities, I'm as busy as one can be. I also like time off. I go to school literally all year long. I have in total about two months of break. You may think that is a lot but when you think about it, it really isn't, becuase about a month of that is winter break and then the other month is what I get in the summer plus that one week for spring break. (I'm taking summer classes, and I took them last summer as well.) I got more of a vacation in high school, 3-4 months, which was divided as a week in winter, then July and August, half of June and then winter break in February, and spring break later on and then finally adding in all the days that we get off during the school year becasue we observe every holiday imaginable. I need a vacation sometime and so working while in school is not much of an option. Also, considering that I am just figuring out what I want to do, it would be better if I worked somewhere that will be good with my major but since I just recently changed it (not yet officially) then its tough to build up a resume.
In the words of Joanne, I digress.

Let's get down to business.
I have set myself new goals! First of all, I will blog every day, about anything dessert related that I encountered throughout my day or thought about. If I make something, I most likely will not end up recording it. I tend to forget to record most of the time and it's a lot of work to actually set up the recording and angle it right, etc. I will start doing so more often after I get the camera that I've been begging for. I hoping that it shall be my birthday present this year, but that doesn't come until August. Instead of recording, I will try to remember to take pictures, and talk about what I made along with the recipe. I also need to make the blogging thing pretty daily in order to grow more accustomed to blogging, and get a feeling of I have to blog because my fans would think I died, assuming I make fans. Also, I do want to start a youtube channel for when I do record, it will be like food network for those who don't have cable or don't have the time to watch it.

Well, I've definitely made this post extremely long. Longer than it needs to be. I should probably give you my closing statement and give you my word that I will start working harder towards this blog. I now have more time, and I will make more time. I have to force myself to type. Whenever, wherever I can! For this world needs to be exposed to the goodness of sweets! And good sweets at that! We don't go for second best! Ok, those were my words of encouragement.

One last thing: considering that I now have contribute from CS5 I can handle my blog posts more effectively so hopefully that will help me out.

Keep eating sweetly! :)

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