Saturday, June 5, 2010

Peeling Apples without a peeler is not easy

Yes, today's blog post has to do with peeling apples. So if you wish to do this recipe, you can without a peeler, but it will make your life soooooooo much easier with one. Trust me. I've done it without, and it's not fun.


Ok, so what is this all about? Well so I decided to make apple crumble, because I know how yummy it is. I love the crumble dough because of how sweet it is, and it doesn't feel heavy like a lot of pie doughs do. Anyway. I chose this recipe that I know works well and is pretty foolproof, well unless you're me.

What ingredients do I need?
  • 4 apples (preferably sweeter apples, so don't use granny smith or those that taste more tart)
  • 2 tbsp cinnamon (be careful not to use more because it will make your crumble have a funny taste)
  • 4 tbsp lemon juice
  • 9 tbsp butter, cut into small pieces and placed in the freezer (take it out only right before I tell you to use it)
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 3/4 cup of flour (keep the flour around you might need to add a little more)

What utensils will I be using?
  • Peeler or knife
  • Knife
  • bowl
  • baking dish
  • your hands

What should I be doing?
  1. The apples. Take them, wash them, and peel the skin off (if using a peeler if not skip this step for now).
  2. Cut those apples. Cut your apples into 8 wedges each. If you did not yet peel your apples because you do not have a peeler, you should peel the apples now, is the skin will be much easier to peel off now.
  3. Remove the center. Cut out the center of the apple (you don't want that in your crumble).
  4. Apples into bowl. Place those apples into your bowl.
  5. Using your hands. Pour the lemon juice and the cinnamon over the apples. Now with clean hands, mix the apples until all of them are covered with the lemon juice and cinnamon.
  6. Butter your baking dish. Yup, you should do that now. After it is well buttered, you can lay your apples onto the bottom. It can be a neat or as messy as you'd like, I generally just take my apples and throw them in there and just spread them out to fill the baking dish.
  7. Clean the bowl. Quickly rinse the bowl you just used, and dry it off, we'll just use it for the crumble dough. No point in making a second bowl dirty.
  8. Reusing the bowl and your hands. Place the flour and brown sugar in the bowl. NOW take out the butter from the freezer (in order for the dough to become crumble-y the butter needs to be cold, and try not to do this on a hot day because you don't want your butter being all sticky and not making your dough crumble-y) and place it into the flour and brown sugar. Take your hands and squeeze the butter between them with the flour and brown sugar until the dough looks crumble-y. If it starts sticking together, like mine did, no need to worry, when it bakes it will still taste good so as long as you spread it out on the apples as if it were crumble dough.
  9. Place over the apples. Take the dough and spread it out over the apples until they look covered. It doesn't have to be flat, nor perfect, it just needs to cover the apples (and it doesn't have to cover them all completely).
  10. Oven time. Turn your oven to 325ºF. When it has heated up, throw your crumble in there and bake for 35 min. Remove from oven.
  11. Garnish and serve. Make whipped cream, serve with ice cream, be creative. And then enjoy your crumble. Some words of advice: if it is humid, cover the crumble well, because otherwise it will soak up the moisture in the air and then it will seem wet rather than dry and sweet.

Apple crumble is super easy and super good. So it's really for those times when you don't want to put too much effort into your baking.

Enjoy making this treat.

Keep eating sweetly! :)

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