Thursday, June 10, 2010

Red Mango part 2!

Red Mango is constantly updating their flavors and what they offer. Joanne and I like to traditionally go with froyo, but we like to change up our toppings a bit. We both have out own preferences for what toppings to use but it's good to be a bit adventurous.


I forgot my cookbook in Boston, so my souffle video won't be posted/worked on until Monday, so you are going to have to be satisfied with another one of my reviews. I know you missed them. Well, I think Red Mango deserves another mention in this blog, considering that Joanne and I go there almost every week (during the school year since Joanne decided not to hang around Boston during the summer and I did). There were several trips to Red Mango that we had. I only photographed 2 of them, and one isn't that great because the pictures were taken with my phone. Oh, well. You'll have to deal with only 3 mouthwatering pictures from my actual camera.

So how about that Red Mango. The first trip was taken with my phone (so we are saving the best for last I guess). The photo on the left is original with raspberries and coconut. The coconut gave it a subtle taste while and raspberries made the sweet froyo a little tart. A perfect combination. I also love the color of those raspberries, they look so SUPER fresh! Even though the quality isn't that good, it still looks really yummy. I also love that there isn't too much chewing involved in this combo, because the fruit and froyo just melt in your mouth, in a good way.

Joanne had already eaten about half of her froyo when I went to take the picture so she kind of mushed it around to make it look like there was more than there really was. (I was capable of resisting until after the picture as you saw above.) But, it's amazing how good it still looks even though it's been mushed around. I, personally, don't like blackberries in my food unless they are really, really ripe, but Red Mango does do a great job with giving you pretty ripe blackberries. That's what I love about RM: fresh fruit!

Then there was that second trip that we took, no more than a week after and for that trip I remember my camera. I don't particularly like when there is something crunchy in my froyo, but for some reason I was craving those Newman O's and somehow they complemented my raspberries extremely well. (As you can tell, I'm a big raspberry fanatic, since I learned that I'm a little allergic to strawberries, I eat them in my froyo anyway, though.) I love this picture because you can really see how good those raspberries look. They are really red and perfectly shaped. I laud (yay for SAT words) the Red Mango team for picking the best raspberries for me! :)

Joanne, once again could not wait to eat her froyo and devoured most of it by the time we found a sitting place outside. Once again, its been mushed together. She decided to go with her usual which is strawberries and mango, because she needs the "red" from the strawberries and the "mango" from the mango, in order for it to be true Red Mango. (Sometimes I don't understand her either.)

Last time I gave my review for RM and said that I gave them a 10/10. I've changed my mind since. I give them a 20/10 (that's a 200%)! I was also very pleased that RM continued to supply froyo even through the drought that Boston had to endure right around the time I had finals, and so when I went for froyo to take a break, with Joanne, I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed it twice as much as I usually do. RM really tickles my taste buds and keeps them happy.

Also, on the RMBoston twitter page (check it out here) and the facebook page (linked to twitter so they get the same updates, but here's the link anyway) was information, or more of a question, of having RM near BU, can I just tell you how exciting that would be! Though, it would burn a huge hole in my wallet, but it would also make my tummy super happy. :)

If you see a Red Mango on your next shopping trip, go in and try something! It's healthy and yummy (you don't get combinations like that too often)! And then tell me what you got, so I can try it out next time!

Keep eating sweetly! :)

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