Wednesday, June 16, 2010


So here's a short post about shopping and how to buy ingredients. I've been really tired lately and haven't been getting much sleep so I need to take a break now. Especially with finals coming up. Hopefully when I get a little more sleep my posting will be back in action. For now please bear with me. :)


Today, I had the chance to check out my local international foods market. It's a little store in the middle of the sketchiest part of Boston, well, it's not even Boston, I want to say it's Allston, but I know Allston is a different way, well whatever, it's somewhere in walkable distance. Anyway. I had several meetings today and I didn't want to go back to my apartment in between so I decided to go exploring. The store was located near where my second meeting was supposed to be so I figured I had 2.5 hours time that I could kill with a little walk. I took the longest way possible to get there, but I eventually got there. Considering I didn't have any money on my card until tomorrow I couldn't buy anything. I instead just browsed and made mental notes of things I could use/would like to use.

It was incredible. First of all, I noticed they were selling raspberries, which should currently be out of season in Boston (they are in season sometime in July). The raspberries (the same ones they sell in my local supermarket) were priced at $1.69 for the pint. You might be telling yourself right now, wow that's a lot of money for a little ity bity pint of raspberries, but the truth is that considering they are out of season in Boston/MA, then that is an excellent price. I also found some farmer's cheese, about which I was extremely excited because there was a recipe that I wanted to try (well 2 recipes, one with the farmers cheese, the other without and then compare them, it will make sense when I do the recipe, of course that will be maybe sometime on Monday that I will do the post since I will most likely shop on Friday and cook them Saturday and Sunday, but I digress).

They also sold sunflower oil. Sunflower oil is extremely expensive per liter in normal supermarkets. It's also extremely good for you compared to other oils. Now you might be telling yourself that "no olive oil is so healthy, what is this person talking about." Sunflower oil is actually just as good as olive oil, but maybe better. It has a higher boiling point, so it is good to use when frying things at high temperatures. What is also nice about it is that the sunflower oil has a clean taste. I feel that olive oil has an extra taste, which is not fun in baking. Olive oil also spoils more easily than sunflower oil. But I digress. Sunflower oil is very expensive to buy per liter, but at the market I found some for $2.99, incredible.

I didn't exactly explore the store very well nor look for things very carefully, so I might have missed some of the things I was specifically looking for, other than the farmer's cheese. There are two other international food markets that are in a pretty decent walking distance from where I live, so on Friday I am hoping to go food shopping and get some stuff there.

I then went to the local supermarket since I still had time before my meeting, and made mental notes of things I could get/would need. I generally don't shop in this way, I like to go through the store flyer and make a list of stuff that is on sale and then go shopping and buy the stuff on my list and then if I need anything else, I throw it in there, but today I thought that I just need to have an idea of what I have available to me and how I'm going to go about my shopping trip on Friday. It will be fun. I'll tell you all about it.

I'm sorry for my terrible lack-age of posting. I have just been so tired (and I have stuff that was cooked/baked that I want to write about). I've just been so busy thanks to school that I haven't really had any time for myself.

Well anyway. I'll see you all tomorrow-ish.

Keep eating sweetly! :)

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