Friday, February 19, 2010

Basically Bare Necessities

The basics are important to know. Read on to find out how I am going to approach explaining the basics.


Today, I have decided that it would be fun to describe to you the basics of most desserts and ingredients. I will also list items you should always have on hand in your kitchen for when you may want to bake along with me. Also I'd like to mention that when I do bake and give recipes I will try to accompany it with a video for almost a follow along. I feel like it was important that I mention that. Alrighty. Well, I would like you all to understand that this post will be used mostly as a dictionary/reference. That way when I mention something in my other posts that you don't know or understand, you won't have to go somewhere else onto the internet and get lost looking for what I am talking about. Also, I tend to get carried away and say things that I probably have never mentioned before. If I do that, please say something or ask if I had not elaborated on the item yet.

Please see following posts about the lists for specific ingredients and then for basic recipes. I started typing out the ingredients and I've been doing lots of research for each ingredient and I seemed to have gotten carried away and have 4 pages of written stuff in Word. So I will post each individual ingredient as a separate post as to not overwhelm Wordpress and all of you readers. So please await each individual post, they will appear soon, I promise, I just want to finish with all of the ingredients.

Keep eating sweetly.

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