Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Tall Order of Valentine's Day Cannolo.

I don’t usually eat cannoli. I have come across some bad cannoli and some good ones. (By the way cannoli is the plural form and cannolo is the singular, thank you 1-year of Italian.)


A cannoli is a combination of a pastry shell and it is filled with cream. The cream can really be anything that won’t leak out of the cannoli. The shell is a simple shell consisting of flour, sugar, Marsala wine, and then chilled. After it has been chilled for long enough, it is rolled out and cut into rounds that are then shaped into the cannoli shells using cannoli molds and pasted together at the edges with egg white. This shell is then fried until golden. The cream filling can be made many different ways. The classic Italian filling is usually made from ricotta cheese and sugar and sometimes chocolate. Some people also include vanilla in the recipe to give the ricotta more flavor.

I recently went out to dinner with my boyfriend to an Italian-American restaurant. The food was delicious and we then decided to order dessert, because he knows how much I love dessert (almost more than him, almost) and he also knows how I am working on this blog. We ordered a cannolo, though I was a little unsure of getting it. Cannoli are very delicate and making the filling is difficult to get it right. Not too sweet, or not sweet enough, not too liquid-y, but not too stiff at that it ends up being too heavy, it is a difficult and tall order.

Upon receiving the cannolo (of which there was only one left, and we had told our waiter that we would share, to which he replied, “ah, young love”) it wasn’t decorated too spectacularly. So points for decoration go down the drain there. Digging a fork (or two in our case) into proved to be difficult since the shell will obviously fall apart when you do so, but that didn’t matter that much, I was most curious for the creamy inside. The inside was a little too sweet for my liking, but it was good nonetheless. It was a very light cream, which didn’t even seem to have ricotta in it (probably an Americanized version of cannoli).

Overall the cannolo was tasty and to my standards deserving a hefty 8.5/10 on my scale.

To visit the restaurant where I had this cannolo, here is the link.

Keep eating sweetly! :)

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