Friday, February 26, 2010

Froyo after pastry hopping

Now I would have discussed the froyo part in the last post since it all happened in the same day, it is just that froyo and pastries somehow don't fit together too well, also the last post was getting long.

Froyo, short for frozen yogurt, is exactly that, frozen yogurt. Most froyo places offer a selection of toppings  for your froyo. And the most commonly sold flavor is plain/vanilla. New York City has a delicious froyo place called Pink Berry (also available in California, but I haven't been to the website recently to see if they have expanded anywhere else). The Boston version of froyo is Red Mango.

Well, anyway, this is one of mine and Joanne's favorite places to visit for delicious frozen desserts. I just wanted to lightly touch on the froyo at Red Mango.

The froyo has a slight tang to it, which makes it excellent. It is also very healthy (as advertised everywhere that it is gluten free, nonfat, cholesterol free, and kosher). 
My favorite topping for my Red Mango froyo happens to be raspberries and I like to change up the second topping that I get. My favorite is kiwi because it balances the sweetness of the raspberries with a slight tartness. During this trip I chose strawberries as my topping.

Joanne's favorite toppings are mango and strawberries, with reasoning such as this: "you need red, the strawberries, and you need mango, the mango, on your red mango."

Red Mango also has other flavors of froyo to choose from such as their new cocoa flavor, and pomegranate, and tangomonium. Their toppings range from fresh fruits to cereal to cookies to chocolate syrup and honey. They sell not only froyo, but probiotic teas and blenders. Definitely check out Red Mango if you ever come across one. Soooooooo delicious.

My rating of Red Mango is definitely a 10/10 because it really is the perfect treat, for when you need a pick-me-up or just want to hang out with one of your best friends and discuss food. Check out their site: click here!
Keep eating sweetly!

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