Monday, February 22, 2010

Just a quick update

This is just a quick general comment post. Nothing too big.


So, right now I was actually thinking. And in all honesty I have no idea how my thought process got me to where I am but maybe it does make sense. So let's lay it out. I was just about to go and look up the lyrics to a song, which from some reason made me think of My Life is Average. This led me to want to start putting MLIA stories as my intros and then I thought I would work on this like my WISE project in high school, where for every journal entry I would put a different quote which would represent the day as a whole. So that's how my thought process went behind this and therefore I have decided that I will start putting quotes into my posts because it will make me slightly more motivated to do this project because it will be like I'm working on my WISE project all over again, minus the journal, 10 page paper, presentation, and internship, otherwise it is almost the same. :) Well that was just a general information session. Nothing else to say except that my next post will have been about a week overdue seeing as that it is a Valentine's Day post. Well, I will catch up.

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