Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How things are going to run.

Desserts are an adventure. I want to take you along with me on those adventures. First let’s discuss for what adventures to be prepared.


Of course, I need to make sure that I know what I am doing and where I am going with this blog. And I want you all to be able to follow where I am going as well. So let's start with the basics of things I will want to talk about:
  • Desserts in restaurants
  • Desserts in my surrounding dorms
  • Desserts at the student union
  • Desserts found in specialty shops such as pastry shops/bakeries/ice cream parlors/etc.
  • My own creations

Now let's elaborate a bit.

Desserts in Restaurants

These desserts can range from ice cream to pastries to cakes and pies and a combination of any of those. These are generally my favorite because when you go to a fancy restaurant then the desserts end up being very original. Then for more traditionally made and served desserts, sometimes the chef will add his/her own twist of adding fruit or a mint leaf. The possibilities are infinite.

Desserts in my Surrounding Dorms

College food sucks. We all know it. And even if it is decent/edible, eventually it gets boring. I happen to attend a school which is praised highly for its good quality food. When dining in the dorms I like to survey the offered desserts. I like to eat the ones that usually look like they will be good, and sometimes I go bravely beyond the ones that do not look very edible. My actual dorm also happens to have some of the best food on campus. So I would like to share what yummy delicious desserts we do offer and what to look for when picking what to eat in a dorm and how to making it seem better than it really is.

Desserts at the Student Union

The George Sherman Union, also known as the GSU, is my school's very busy community gathering area. Many students of many majors and schools gather there to dine, study, promote events, have events and any other school sponsored activities. We have a wide variety of foods ranging from the sushi bar to make your own salads. There is pizza, chicken, chinese, soups, sandwiches, you name it. And of course, there are desserts. The dessert on the menu changes pretty much daily. I have gone through and seen during the fall pumpkin cheesecakes as well as cannolis, fruit tarts, and a sketchy version of Boston Creme Pie. These desserts are nicely prepared, and definitely deserve to be recognized.

Desserts found in specialty shops such as pastry shops/bakeries/ice cream parlors/etc.

Right around the corner from my dorm is a cupcake shop. Across the street is a froyo shop. Down Mass Ave. only about 3 blocks away on Newbury St. is J.P. Licks. A few short and quick bus stops on the 1 bus takes me directly in front of Red Mango. And somewhere in this mess of a city, is the all-famous (around these parts) Mike's Pastry (I say somewhere because I have yet to visit Mike's and have no idea really where it is located). All these places specialize in just desserts, no main courses at all. Quite the fun hang out spots and places to go when one needs to sit and enjoy some sugar.

My own creations

My own creations is a slightly unclear topic. By my own creations I don't only mean recipes that I have taken and altered in some way that seems would suit them, but also those recipes that I followed exactly to a point. I like comparisons. Which is why I prefer to buy the cookbooks with pictures, even though I know I can't make my food look exactly like in the picture at least I get a basic idea. Also, I know that it doesn't really matter what the food looks like, it is the taste that matters the most and even a cook book with pictures cannot tell me how something should taste.
From delicious high quality food to sucky dorm food, I want to make sure everyone has something that will interest them and will want to read about. So once again leave me a comment to tell me what kinds of sweets/dessert-food places you want me to try and talk about. :-D

Also, I'm thinking in my next post to discuss some basic desserts. What do you think? Any basic desserts on your list that you want me to touch upon?

So for now, just keep eating sweetly.

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