Monday, February 15, 2010

In the beginning, there was food.

I like to eat, you like to eat. We all love to eat. We all also have quite the sweet tooth. Might as well enjoy life to the fullest and enjoy the sweet and guilty pleasures that come in the form of food. 


Everyone and everything likes and loves to eat. People eat nutritional foods from meats to vegetables. Animals eat other animals or leaves and plants. Electronics eat power in order to work. Food is quite the basic necessity of our lives. No wonder I like it so much. Of course, main courses aren't always my favorite. As delicious as they might be, the main course does not satisfy the one desire for something sweet. I love desserts. They fill me up with happiness. Ranging from very sweet to slightly tart, desserts can come is a variety of shapes, sizes, flavors, and versions. People take on their own versions of certain desserts and add a slight twist. Or they just go with the safe way and let the great original taste take its course. Whichever way a chef goes, it doesn't matter, nonetheless, the dessert is delectable.

I don't understand why some people skip dessert during dinner. Dessert is a good way to enjoy something yummy as well as let the heavy meal digest while enjoying something lighter and smaller in portion. Also during restaurant visits, because the portions are so large and people oftentimes have their dinner wrapped up they decide that since they could not finish dinner they should not have dessert. I say no, even if you didn't finish dinner, have some dessert. If anything buy 1 dessert and split it with whomever you are having dinner, assuming you are having dinner with someone else.

Most restaurants that are very specific and traditional with their foods will have pretty plain and traditional desserts. Basically they follow the dessert recipe to the dot with no slight twists of their own. There are those restaurants which like to experiment with their customers and add their own ZING to a dessert. I want to explore both types of restaurants.

Now, I understand that it is very awkward to walk into a restaurant and order just dessert. Which is not what I will consistently be doing. I will go to pastry shops, cupcake shops, ice cream parlors, froyo stores, bakeries, etc. to find the perfect desserts. I want to explore the world (well, currently limited to Boston and Westchester County) of delicious desserts and try all of them. I also want to make my own renditions of different desserts and see how I can add my own twist.

As this is the first post, I will not discuss any yummy foods. That will go into the next post where I will discuss a specific treat that I encountered recently. For now I just wanted to introduce myself and tell you what I will be doing.

You might have already read the about pages, one which is about fourthoughtsforfood. That is my friend, Joanne, who will be joining me in trying out some of these sweet sensations.

That being said. I will sign off for now, as I should be asleep by now, and will leave you with this:

What kinds of dessert items would you like to see me talk about/make?

This question will be a repeating question as well as a poll later on. But for now just leave me a comment. :)

Keep eating sweetly.

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